Smart Motorcycle HUD Displays

A startup comprised of a group of Russian engineers has created LiveMap  a program that uses augmented reality, to display navigation information inside the visor screen of motorcycle helmets. Motorcycle drivers need a navigation tool that’s more effective than paper maps or GPS navigators with a touch screen.  For them using a paper  map requires them to make stops many times along the way.  GPS browsers can distract the pilot and, for safety reasons, they should not be operated when in route.

As a way to avoid these problems LiveMap has been working on  designing a “smart hull” prototype for the past five years.  It works like a screen that displays maps and allows you to navigate simply through  the GPS capabilities of the device.   Similar to Google Glass, the image is projected from the rear of the hull to the viewer, is translucent, clearly visible and is always in focus.  As well, the information, full-color, shown to the pilot without distracting your attention away from the road.

Advanced motorcycle helmets with Bluetooth and GPS integration already exist, but no helmet has the kind of interactive, visual map overlay that LiveMap proposes. Using a HUD and augmented reality and has a viewer that displays maps and images.   Because the data is projected directly in front of the driver’s field of vision, and it is perfectly transparent, it does not distract the user.

Top Music and Entertainment Websites for 2014

Here are some great media websites to keep you entertained with audio and music video content.


Listen to over 30 million songs online for free, or for a monthly fee without advertisements and with more choice and superior sound quality. Available for iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows phone devices that can stream music from the website.

Create, listen and share radio stations on this website with customized selections of titles made by internet users.


French site where you can listen to free music online and download MP3s.

NME (New Musical Express)

Official Site of NME, a music news and reviews magazine that is focused on rock and punk. Find music videos and music industry stories, as well as hot concert tickets and music memorabilia.


Official Site of MTV, history of music and cinema, television shows, accessories, e-cards, and everything MTV.


Free software you can use to listen for free to millions of song titles and artists from all over the world.

Winners of the 2013 Nobel Prize for Economics

The 2013 Nobel Prize in economy was awarded to the Americans Eugene Fama, Lars Peter Hansen and Robert Shiller for their work on the financial markets. They are rewarded for their “empirical analysis of asset prices”, said the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Predicting the price of shares

Even if it is impossible to predict the price of the shares and bonds for the next few days and weeks thanks to the work of Fama, Hansen and Shiller it is entirely possible to predict the general course of these prices over long periods such as the next three to five years, noted the Academy in its press release. The Nobel prize winners have laid the foundation to the understanding of asset price trends and fluctuations over long periods of time.

In 1960 Eugene Fama, made the startling discovery that it was an illusion to make short-term predictions on the financial markets. Robert Schiller postured that such predictions were easier in the long run. Lars Peter Hansen developed a statistical method for testing the theories on the prices of assets at the time.

The Nobel Prize for economics, officially named “prize of the Bank of Sweden in economic sciences in memory of Alfred Nobel” was established in 1968 by the Central Bank of Sweden, and awarded for the first time in 1969. The other Nobel Prizes (medicine or physiology, physics, chemistry, literature and peace) have all been allocated for the first time in 1901.